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Introduction letter from Chair.


Firstly I would like to thank everyone for all of the support you offered Hanney Preschool last year especially coming up to Christmas when we know spending is high and there are so many events to attend. We are very appreciative of any help people can offer.

As you are probably aware we are a charity run by a volunteer committee of parents and just before Christmas our previous Chair Person, James, stepped down and I took over the position.

I would like to thank James as, among other duties, he undertook a considerable amount of work to develop the new Hanney Preschool website http://hps.thehanneys.uk/ and got this up and running during the latter part of last year. This is a highly useful tool for the preschool and is a wonderful platform to communicate to parents any forthcoming activities and to show off a number of projects the children have undertaken.

We would strongly encourage the use of the website as we would like to make it the primary source of communication for all current and prospective parents. We also have a twitter feed to communicate quickly with parents should it be necessary and this is linked on the website for those parents who are not Twitter members.

Finally, I would like to draw attention to our email address. The main communication email address to the preschool has changed to secretaryhanneypreschool@gmail.com

The old email address beginning info@ is no longer in use and we will not be able to receive any emails to the old address.

Please use our communications page via our new website as this will ensure your enquiries reach the correct person.

We hope you enjoy the start of the new year and I look forward to meeting you at the preschool.

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