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Winter newsletter

Welcome to the winter edition of our new newsletter………

Here at Preschool we are just starting an exciting new Weather topic.

We are going to be looking at all the different types of weather and the effects it has on our bodies, the environment and how we need to adapt to live in different weather conditions.

We will be collecting and measuring rain water, looking at shadows, making windmills and kites and watching them in action as well as making sun dials and asking the children their favourite weather and why?

The home corner will become a travel agency and the children will be packing their suitcases with clothing and items needed for different types of holidays from skiing to safaris.

We would love any photos you could spare of any weather you have experienced to display and talk about here at preschool.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for supporting us with all our events especially our monthly cake sales (last Friday of every month) they really do help us bring an extra bit of funding so thank you for baking and buying!

Learning journeys

If your child achieves anything at home or has a ’wow’ moment please capture it either with a photo or note so we can add it to your child’s learning journeys.

If you ever want to view your child’s learning journey please ask your child’s key worker as they are always available for us to share with you.

Snack time

At Hanney preschool we promote healthy eating therefore can all snacks be a piece of fresh fruit or vegetable to help us encourage this.

Drop off
A reminder that preschool opens at 9am so can all children be here by this time so we can start register and Storytime without any interruptions please.
Amy, Shelley, Sam and Stacey xxxx

Dates for your diary…….
More details to follow soon
Cake sale last Friday of every month
Half term- 9th Feb until 20th Feb 2018

Look at our patterns….

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