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Fundraising events are always happening. We’ll keep you up to date with up and coming events, as well as things that have just happened. If you would like to help out with fundraising or have ideas for events – please speak to a member of staff or committee. You don’t have to be on the committee to help out with fundraising!

Although Hanney Pre-School is government funded, these grants only cover the day-to-day running costs. Everything else (crafts, building maintenance, trips … the lot) is paid for by fundraising. Even if you don’t feel able to be part of the committee we really appreciate support with the fundraising events. Any help is gratefully accepted no matter how small. If you are unable to attend the main event then donations (not necessarily money) can be given or raffle tickets bought or sold. We are also registered for gift aid so we can reclaim an additional 25% on any donations. All fundraising events will be advertised on one of the noticeboards and we generally send a newsletter out to all parents/carers to let them know of forthcoming events.

Virgin Money Giving buttonWe have a Virgin Money Giving page where you can make a one off donation. Or if you would like to be sponsored for somthing and raise money for Hanney Pre-School we can help you set up a ‘Virgin Money Giving’ page for your event.

Any new and novel fundraising ideas? Please get involved and have fun while raising money for Hanney Pre-School.