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Pre-School Closures


Hanney Pre-School will mirror the decision of St. James School. Please listen to the following radio stations for an update. Please note that we will not have our own listing so listen out for “St James Church of England Primary School, Hanney“.

  • Heart (Thames Valley) VHF/FM 102.6/97.4/102.9/103.4

  • BBC Radio Oxford – VHF/FM 95.2 (you can listen to this live by clicking here and pressing the Listen live button) You can also look at their facebook page where they list closed schools - look for "St James Church of England Primary School, Hanney".

If we are closed due to ‘bad’ weather, please feel free to take a picture of your snow sculptures, email them to us and we will post them on the Gallery page. Note: If you are not happy to have your child’s photo on the website, please make sure they are not included in the picture. Keep warm and have fun…